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  1. Patient_Cero

    Patient_Cero Oakley Collector

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    I know we have more than a few IT professionals, but how about people who build their own not in the field? Anyone here, either for satisfaction of building your own or saving money and getting exactly what you want?

    I been tweaking my first build from 2010. Bought a new case and added a Samsung 840 pro for the boot drive recently and a bit of overclocking the cpu for now. Looking at messing with a rainmeter skin for the layout, anyone use one? I haven't seen any Oakley themed skins yet in my searches.
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  2. GH4AU

    GH4AU Carbon Fanatic Premium Member

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    I've been pretty big into that since I was young. My dad taught me a long time ago how to build and I have had fun with it over the years. My last build was a beast and I had a real nice Thermaltake aluminum tower and liquid cooling throughout. I was running a fast Intel SSD for my programs and startup, and a 4TB HDD for my storage and media. I was running a nice Nvidia GTX video card and 16GB of ram.
    I've recently had fun opening up my 27" iMac and customizing it by adding a fast Intel SSD, 16GB of ram, and a 4TB HDD, and now the iMac is blazingly fast. People think you can't customize Apple products, but that is false. It's just more of a challenge, which is the fun part for me. I'm running a custom iMac with dual 27" Apple Thunderbolt LED displays and this setup is by far my most favorite. It's hard to beat the crystal clarity and sharpness on Apple's displays.
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