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Cool Fact About The Jury


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
For those that want to make your Jury more interesting, Fuel Cell lenses fit perfectly in the Jury. I tested this out earlier today with some Fire and Ruby lenses.
The Jury lens does have a notch on the lenses near the outside corners, however the Fuel Cell lens is the same shape minus the notch and still fits securely inside.
that would be awesome.... in this way it´s much easier to create the perfect custom glasses @home!
It is the standard small philips that's on a lot of the other metal frames. I wish I would've taken some pictures, I had Ruby lenses inside the matte black frame.
the deal is not perfect yet but it looks like that i get two Jurys in black for 160,oo bucks plus shipping.
sound like a pretty good to me ;)
than i can put some different lenses in there..... and customize my own Jury

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