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Coordinating Oakleys to your Bikes, Cars, Clothing, and Accessories

Air Max 90/ MoonSwatch Mission to Mars and Fuel Cells

Not sure if this counts…but I can take the heat if not.

I am a huge movie buff and since I was old enough to read a huge Ian Fleming fan…007 was a large part of why my military career ended up with MI…but I digress.

With the most recent Bond movie sounding a bit final, I went all in on an outfit. It was 007’s Combat kit from the finale scenes. N.Peal did the fatigue pants (with bracers), combat sweater, Danner did a limited edition pair of 007 Tanicus Combat Boots (took me awhile to find those in my size…I waited too long and refused to pay scalper prices), and Magnoli Clothiers did a “replica” of the Glider Glasses.

As this is forum is Oakley focused I have substituted the Savitars here as I think they are a perfect fit for the Spy Vibe.

If I’m off base…fire for effect! We’ll recreate the last scene from “No Time to Die!”


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