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Couldn't pass em up


I should Work at Oakley
New Jersey
Got my hands on a few things in Chicago on my trip out there. For some reason I really couldn't pass up buying these while I was there. Oh well, the Oakley addiction continues.

Frogyle Board Short and Headliner Case


and how do you buy the frogyle board shorts without buying the Jupiter Camo Holbrook??


Picked these up cause I have been trying to find a good price on them forever and I couldn't pass up $95 for these...


Then when I got back from Illinois these guys were waiting for me at my store so it just added to the purchase. Shaun White frogs are quite wonderful. I can't wait to grab the all gold Holbrooks...


I agree, the SW Frogskins are awesome, quite understated compared to his last Frogskins signature but without doubt the best of the current Frogskins available IMHO
I'm pretty satisfied with this recent purchase. Nothing crazy but all good looking stuff IMO. The 24K needs to be done way more. Such a great color and definitely not used nearly enough. Thanks for the responses tho.

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