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Country Flag Icon Custom Product

They maybe like the fuel cell more than others? I mean, it's the only one with its own custom arms too right?

I bought this Hijinx with the Hawaiian Flag icon while on vacation in Maui. They also had the icons for the Gascan. Apparently it's a special edition that you can only buy in HI, and not really a custom.

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Im Watching a pair of antix on ebay at the moment polished black grey lens with australia icon, but i was just curious as to why the fuel cell has this as a custom option and no other pair, @spliceD those look amazing. Its hard for me having this
"O"bsession right now as im wanting to buy a few pairs of sunglasses but all my money is currently going towards a wedding reception.I just missed out on a pair of antix, the ernesto fonseca edition for $78 with box bag and paperwork.

Note: Using Ebay on an Iphone 50 seconds before the auction ends is not recommended