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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by o-freak 85, 8/5/11.

  1. o-freak 85

    o-freak 85

    Hey guys! First post, and it could be my favorite if this craigslist sale pans out. $50 find for some hopefully awesome shades, I'll post pics when I get back from the pickup around 5. Until then, any guesses on what my great find was?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    I'm gonna guess some limited edition gascans or maybe some Oil Rigs? Can't wait to see pics, their is nothing more rewarding than finding a great deal after a lot of searching!

  3. o-freak 85

    o-freak 85

    Some new Romeo 2.0's!! They're a little abused but all in all I think it was a great buy for the price. The bridge is a little loose and the earsocks are split on the ends but after a little love they'll be good as new. As far as I can tell they're polished/titanium iridium. As soon as I got them home I took what I could apart and gave them a good cleaning and they look legit but if anyone has any other thoughts please let me know. Without further ado, onto the pics!
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  4. JOBEN


    Very nice find for $50, you cant beat that. They look to be in good shape!

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