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Crooked Fit?


Oakley Beginner
So, I just received a pair of the Shaun White 24k Frogskins and they fit crooked. This didn't make any sense to me since the quality from Oakley is the best... I figured my head must be disfigured!

BUT! When I put them on my desk at work, one of the arms was obviously raised up just a little bit (see pic below)...

I called the company that I ordered these from and they said that, because of the way they are packaged, sometimes they can become a bit warped and that this is a very common occurrence... They recommended that I try to ever-so-slightly bend them back straight.

What do you guys think? What should I do here?

Hey man,
I've never bent a pair of oakley frogskins before but I have done lots of ray ban wayfarers. The first thing you need to do is establish exactly where they are bent. Is the earstem bent or is it the frame? Hold the glasses so they are symmetrical and compare each side looking for any differences in shape. Once you find where they are bent then you can bend them back. I used a hairdryer on my wayfarers, you probably won't need much heat and you'll need to make sure you don't get them so hot that you warp them where they aren't bent. A little bit of heat is better than too much. Don't force them and good luck! Oh and keep the heat away from the lenses. If the frame is bent apply heat to the bridge... You could try without the hairdryer at first but be careful not to snap them, you just gotta feel it.
I would try to get them exchanged before trying to bend them. Email customer service and send them a couple of pictures showing how they are crooked, also trying Oakley's Facebook page might help too.
This is pretty common in frogskins, I have about 30 and half of them come out of the box this way
I just checked my new JC Froggies and they were slightly bent. I just grabbed both arms and twisted a bit to make them sit straight. Took me all of 2 seconds.
I've tried bending them back but they seem to just go back crooked after wearing them once...
If it's as bad as you make it out to be, you might be better off taking them in to Oakley. I'm not sure what they can do for you considering your frames are sold out unless they just happened to have another pair in stock to do the exchange. If you end up sending them into HQ, you may not see them for months on end.

I will say this about the current Frogskins: Is it just me or are the newer Frogskins a bit more flimsy? In my other thread i mentioned my Camo Frogs are the first pair of Frogs for me since my original pair back in 1997. If my memory serves me, the old pairs were more sturdy. I don't remember them having as much play as they do now.