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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by mjt42, 2/19/16.

  1. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    i have been trying to positively id these crosshairs that are in need of new lenses.

    the sku on the frame has worn off.

    tried the search and also o-review but cant be sure enough to confidently source new lenses...

    Crosshair id - b249c6a5ebf7dc2296e6e372d2a769ac.jpg Crosshair id - d60812b2ce608f2dbbf0b66bf2036bde.jpg Crosshair id - 353a1045a620e24ca0990fcfc9d6722e.jpg Crosshair id - ace30d1120ae2b16605a8c0290c30309.jpg

    original lenses were bip if this helps (only served to confuse me)....

    thanks for your help....
    Last edited: 2/19/16

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  2. flyer


    Hard to tell with that lighting if they're silver or pewter, but I'm voting Gen.1, 05-814.
    mjt42 likes this.

  3. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    thanks @flyer - i guessed it would be you to step forward!
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  4. jdd32


    Could also possibly be fakes too :p

    Are you trying to restore to original colorway on a frame with no sku? Or are you trying to figure out just which gen of crosshair lenses fit?

  5. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    just need to replace the lenses - you can see in the picture on the scales that there is some delamination on them. crosshair lenses aren't easy to find so i dont want to spend ages getting the wrong ones!

  6. jdd32


    I custom cut mine cus oem offerings are limited

    I'll check my crosshair collection to figure out which frame is that
    mjt42 likes this.

  7. jdd32


    I measured my crosshair just now. You've got crosshair 1. However there's 2 types of lenses for that model so if you get oem lenses make sure they're the same bevel as your trashed BIP (tapered vs L shaped). Getting a mismatched style won't fit the frame
    flyer and mjt42 like this.

  8. mjt42

    mjt42 Premium Member

    thanks for taking the time to do this for me - much appreciated.

  9. jdd32


    You're welcome. Thanks to you I've finally got myself motivated to remove the darn jammed orbital screw after 6 months sitting on my shelf. Now where did I put my stash of paint...

    Crosshair id - PhotoGrid_1455967460894.jpg Crosshair id - PhotoGrid_1455967473344.jpg
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  10. Marty_B


    They definitely look like Cross Hair 1.0's I have both and the 2.0s are a different shape.
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