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Crosslink sock keep melting


Oakley Beginner
Hi is my first post I always been an Oakley fun and always had them now I got a pair of crosslink but the rubber socks keep break/melt with the sweat. Is anyone facing the same issue and if there is a way to sort that out?

Thank you and I hope this is the right section to ask this
This is the third pair
Your hair products, sunscreen or sweat seem to be corrosive to the unobtainium. Consider rinsing them and or washing with soap and water regularly.
Do you use hair products? I would have to say its something in that department. I friggin sweat like a pig in a marathon and I've had socks and nose pieces get mushy and gummy but it took a long time. Yours look chemically corroded and for the 3rd pair.. i dont think its sweat related..