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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by Razerwire, 9/22/11.

  1. Razerwire


    Bought a BNIB Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Signature Series from Oakley Warranty. It was one of two that were left in stock. Now I can use my old one (bought without tags, box, or custom microbag) without worry about being rough with it as this one will be the display piece! Funny thing is, this complete set was cheaper than my old one that wasn't complete.

    Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Signature Series - P1070699.jpg

    yoshi1984 did me a HUGE favor by selling me his Limited Square O Science Hard Case. Now my Fuel Cell Exclusive Science is complete! :D

    Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Signature Series - P1070701.jpg

    Last but not least, two more aluminum stands for the display case!

    Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Signature Series - P1070702.jpg

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. JayMann


    Nice but whats Oakley warranty?

  3. Razerwire


    The warranty department is where to go for discontinued stuff or if you need something replaced that's still under warranty. For whatever reason their customer service department is separate from warranty and sometimes the stuff you can't find on the customer service department you can find in the warranty department.

    I think what happens is they set aside some stock for the warranty department so people can still be able to find stuff they need after something's been discontinued. However, if there aren't any in the warranty department you're pretty much SOL and have to look elsewhere.

  4. JayMann


    Oh ok cool thanks for the reply but i'm guessing this is just a US thing really? But if i ever miss out on anything i'll pop in to Oakley UK seen as thou the head office is only 20 mins down the road from me.

  5. Razerwire


    Not sure if it's an international service but I'd think that if the O Store in UK has a contact number for customer service in UK that there should be a warranty department there as well. I mean, how else would a UK customer get something replaced that's under warranty right? So yeah, I'd think that they'd have a warranty department as well.

  6. JayMann


    Yeah sorry i don't know what i was on about (it's late here past my bed time lol) they do have a warranty department i used it when i got my custom crosshair's there was a make on one of the lens!

  7. SpliceD


    The subway pattern looks awesome! Would be cool if they put the NYC subway system tshirt pattern on something too.

  8. del518


    So, what do you do....just call the warranty dept. and say what do you have in stock?

  9. Razerwire


    Now THAT'S an idea I can get behind. Maybe with that water transfer project!

  10. Razerwire


    Yeah I normally just call them up and ask them if they have the particular item I want in stock. An SKU number helps as well.

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