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  1. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    This is not a recent purchase.
    I bought the frame months ago, but now I have Fire lenses = 04-299

    Crystal Black Fire Twenty - 6hfvb5v6.jpg

    Crystal Black Fire Twenty - g4g64zr5.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. vodou

    vodou Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Looks great sir!
  3. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Thanks mate.
    Sometimes it takes longer than expected to get the parts we need. This time I was lucky.
  4. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Love the fire
  5. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    Is that the XX stamp you can see through the bridge on the frame? Love them, can't beat fire for a lens
  6. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Yes, that's the XX mold from the inside.