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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by crazywayne311, 3/16/19.

  1. crazywayne311


    I lucked out and got my first pair from @Steven Goldberg but just scored another set of these things!

    Currently I have one pair with Ruby Iridium Polarized and another with Fire Iridium Polarized.

    I’ve always loved Ruby and I think the Fire flows better with the frames...either way I’m kinda stoked to have two pairs of these :)

    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - B50105BB-239A-4B12-8BA3-F64C6156DD9E.jpeg

    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - A7CC9D3B-37AB-4A97-8EAB-5A36B97D71B6.jpeg

    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - D1590C9E-0EBB-454C-91C9-E41A066C72B8.jpeg

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  2. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Nice. The one with ruby is hot

    You crazy wayne!
    crazywayne311 likes this.

  3. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Congrats on the pickup
    crazywayne311 likes this.

  4. crazywayne311


    When I got them from Steve they had 24k. I’m thinking about picking up a set of 24k polars but at the moment I like the fire and ruby. Though I could see 24k polar looking real nice.

    Below was 24k

    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - 879F9AC8-A5B8-4859-AE7E-C682B5EFF396.jpeg

    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - D2DA4E14-6B46-41E5-B17C-59E359D34BF1.jpeg
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  5. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    I like the ruby

    Fire is nice too.

    Send those 24kt non polars to me
    crazywayne311 likes this.

  6. crazywayne311


    I sold them not too long ago. I got a few sets (used) lying around though...the ice polars are meh but I have grey and black iridium polars in decent shape haha I would say 7-8/10

  7. Jerome


    This is the first time I’ve seen these Crystal Orange Holbrooks and wow they look amazing! I’m from The Netherlands and the “national color” here is orange so Oakley should definitely put these orange frames for sale in my country.
    Personally I like fire iridium more in this frame than ruby, it matches the frame better. 24K also looks so good in this frame. 24K is so reflective and in your picture it looks like the right lens is almost a green-ish kind of yellow, or is this the reflection?
    Crystal Orange Holbrook Twins - d2da4e14-6b46-41e5-b17c-59e359d34bf1-jpeg.jpg
    crazywayne311 likes this.

  8. crazywayne311


    I think fire is the better match for the frames bc it does show some orange. The ruby shows a tiny bit of orange at angles but yes it’s ruby and I love ruby. The 24k is super reflective and I think the green is from the blue car and the surrounding scenery. But I didn’t know your country’s color is orange that’s kinda cool.
    Jerome likes this.

  9. Marstain

    Marstain Premium Member

    Which one is which?

  10. crazywayne311


    Fire is on the left and Ruby on the right

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