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  1. tmart1616

    tmart1616 Oakley Beginner

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    Hello everyone, I am looking into selling a few pairs of my Radars to help pay for my summer classes. I have the Ichiro gray with ghost text, the Ichiro night camo, and the Antifreeze with the path lenses. I am wondering what the prices are since I have not been on this site, or even looked at anything Oakley since I have gone college. If anyone can help me with prices these are currently going for I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!
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  2. theafroman

    theafroman Oakley Beginner

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    Antifreeze Radars sell really well. There used to be some on eBay that were sold for more than $500!

    And the Ichiro Radars right now sell for like $500 as well.