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Custom Batwolfs On Oakley.com

I thought they have been up for a while, but I guess I am thinking of the Fuel Cells. Cool!
Ahh..I was waiting for this. Too bad no polarized lens though. And I was hoping for something different for frames...maybe ghost text or plaid instead of the usual black and white.

i think I'll just wait for replacement lenses. do you know how long it takes for them to start offering? And do you know if they usually add custom options later on? (like polarized lens or new frames)
they will. from what it sounds like there on major back order to the stores and stuff like that so im sure they will have more options out soon. just have to wait and the good stuff will come. they just wanna get it out there and make it possible for people to start since everyone loves them
Im sure they will add more stuff when they can. Thats how it usually goes. The Batwolf is a hugely popular frame right now so they would be crazy not to.
I believe you can order replacement lenses from Oakley via phone orders now. I ordered some ruby iridium about three weeks ago. As far as the custom product, I wish they would have offered a black with text frame also. I also wish the standard color icons were available such as blue, green, red, yellow, purple, etc. The ones available are all the same ones already available in prebuilt frames or the icons by themselves.
It looks like Oakley almost completely cleared out every color of the polarized Batwolf except for black. Even the granite frame is gone.
You can get polarized lenses for the batwolf, black iridium polarized, and dark bronze polarized.
they also have a polished black frame with gold ghost txt, and the rootbeer frame.

i have a post about this earlier.

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