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For Sale Custom cut 8.75 Juliet or Penny lenses

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All base 8.75 donors will be cut as either Juliet or Penny for $70 + ship + paypal fees.

Guaranteed genuine brand new stock sourced directly from Oakley. Some of these are warranty stock without boxes and only come in baggies. Some are retail boxed. Shipment is due to arrive in a week's time and orders will be filled & shipped within the week after.

Available colors:
Fire Irid
Black Irid
Jade Irid
+Red Irid
Ruby Irid
Emerald Irid

Tracked & insured air ship for up to 2 pairs (optional additional insurance available for 3+ pairs will cost a few dollars extra):
AU ship: 5
US ship: 15
UK ship: 20
Other locations: pm me

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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