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  1. Johnny Hundreds

    Johnny Hundreds Banned

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    Well... i've been trying to get my dirty little hands on a Single or double wide for the past couple of months with no avail...
    so...a couple weeks ago i decided i'd just make my own tower. I'm not a big fan of the detolf... i'm not sure why...
    anywho. i've had some glass cut 14" by 6'. I have 4 of those, then i'm going to manufacture a base,and the top of the tower.
    The top is probalby going to be a 18 x 18 x 6 box, that i'm going to fit some lighting into, then use some perforated sheet metal as the bottom of the box. so the lights can shine through. The base will be the same. Minus the lights.
    I'll be using the same time of perforated metal as the shelves. It'll give it just a touch of Oakley i think...
    For the most part, this will be all glass though. I don't think i'll have time this week to fab up the top and bottom of the case. But i'll have the glass
    portion put together by tonight. I'm going to put them together with clips.

    They're something like this : http://www.nelsonbro.com/retail/images/thumbs/0000380_300.jpeg

    I figured i'm going to need about 20 of those. Then i'm going to use the same time of connector,but a hinged type to make the door. I'll need 3 of those.

    Which is a total of about $40 in clips/hinges.

    I'll start working on this tonight, i just picked up the glass from the shop!

    Wish me luck guys! haha..

    I got this glass relatively cheap, i might give out the details later...lol
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  2. iszara

    iszara Oakley Beginner

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    Looking forward for the finishing!! Good luck!!