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Custom Flak Jacket XLJ etching

Brian Nickell

I should Work at Oakley
Does anyone know of anyone who does custom etching on Flak Jacket lenses? I have a set of MLB Flak Jacket 1.0 XLJ that are etched with the Boston Red Sox "B". I'm going to take the frame and swap out the rubbers for slate gray. What I'd like to do is see if someone can custom etch the Ohio State block O into a BI Flak 1.0 XLJ lens. If anyone can help send me a PM with your pricing or if you know someone who can help. Thanks!

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I'm currently working on some other purchases but this is definitely something I plan to do in the future. Thanks for letting me know about Ed. I believe I have his email address so I'll contact him when the time comes. If he happens to see this thread perhaps he'll contact me?