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  1. OakMan42

    OakMan42 Oakley Beginner

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    for christmas i got a custom holbrook, polished black with chrome lenses from the O store in the mall of america. later on as i was inspecting them i found 3 hairline scratches on the frames by the front accents. it was like that one both sides of the frame. so the people to whom i received the gift from returned them for me because i knew it would bother me being that they were brand new and i returned home to wisconsin. today they came in the mail, different frame and there were still scratches in the same place. i called the store and they said they had people inspect it to make sure there wasn't any scratches as well on this one as well. so i'm not quite sure what i should do because they're not seeing what im seeing, i cant see this is something that oakley would do this on purpose unless its like something they do for authenticity. anybody have a problem like this before? or am i just overreacting haha
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  2. yoshi1984

    yoshi1984 I love working Dispatch

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    pics always help :)
  3. theflyingtomato

    theflyingtomato Oakley Beginner

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    Unless you got the same exact frame both times, then it's not a defect. That simply would not happen. I know on other models they have mold lines in the frame that appear like scratches. There was a thread on some scalpels with this about a week ago. Are the lines straight, and in the exact same place as they were on your last pair? If so, they are mold lines. Looking at my Ducati Holbrooks (matte black frame) I can see a few lines by the screws/pins on the front that resemble what you are describing, and those are just mold lines.
  4. Menendez1293

    Menendez1293 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Also polished black frames show every flaw. Polished blacks are the most difficult to take care of. Lke theflyongtomato says could be mold lines
  5. MugenPWR

    MugenPWR Oakley Beginner

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    i noticed those lines the day i bought mine too since they are polished black. went to the store and lo and behold i saw the same lines. post a pic, we're probably talking about the same thing. as mentioned above there was another thread about this recently
  6. Peeza21

    Peeza21 African in the United Kingdom

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    I know from experience that black frames are extremely hard to keep clear of scratches but pics always help:)
  7. wrist

    wrist Oakley Collector

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    Youre overreacting. Polished black frames show all micro scratches, most come with them brand new out of the box. To fix your problem, go with the matte black frame, or just take a big breath, and let it be.
  8. Kaduku

    Kaduku Oakley Beginner

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    It happens with polished, and its even worse if its crystal black. Just take it in stride its not like someone will point out a hairline scratch haha