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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by SpliceD, 8/9/11.

  1. SpliceD


    Any Voltron fans in here?

    Anyone remember the Voltron Reebok limited edition shoes that came out a few years back?

    Custom Jawbones - Voltron Edition - reebok-voltron-pack.jpg
    Reebok Voltron Shoes | Uncrate

    I was bored and thought it'd be fun to try my hand at some Custom Jawbones just for LOL's What do you guys think?

    If i actually went and did this, my wallet would NOT be happy :laugh:
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  2. jiveSEVEN


    Those are freakin sick! I would do that with Split Jackets though cuz Jawbones are too big for me. Great idea though!

  3. SpliceD


    I prefer the Split Jackets over the Jawbones too, but the Split Jacket's custom colors wouldn't accommodate my theme. Plus i think the vented lens along with the shape of the Jawbone better suits the Voltron theme i was going for: Boxy and aggressive.

    The more i look at the pictures, the more i want to actually order the Black pair. Decisions.... decisions.....

  4. jiveSEVEN


    Doooo eeeeet!

  5. ExMetal


    Voltron has jumped the shark, check out the overpriced piece of **** Voltron toy that mattel has in the works. I had the original metal Voltron toy back in the 80's and it was $15. I remember it took me we a while to earn $15 to get that toy but when I did I was happy as a ******* clam. I also had the Keith(leader) figure too. The new Lions are sold individually at $80 a piece, **** that.

  6. jiveSEVEN


    Mattycollector is like the oakley brand of action figures so their prices are pretty jacked up. I agree the Voltron figure they made sucks, but their MOTUC (Masters of the Universe Classics) line is awesome!

  7. The Game

    The Game

    i got the collectable set a few years back for $150. I plan on putting it in my case as soon as i get one

  8. SpliceD


    The new Mattel Voltron looks to be made of plastic and looks cheap. They're not $80 a piece though. Red + Green are $35 Each, Blue and Yellow are $40 each and the Black Lion is $50, total for the set would be $200. If you want the action figures, they're $15 each, making it $275 for the entire set.

    While very cool, it's very expensive and not sure if it's worth it. I'd rather buy more Oakleys :smile:

  9. SpliceD


  10. The Game

    The Game

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