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Custom Juliets With "Oleo". What The Heck Is "Oleo"?


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
So i was messing around with the customization options with the Juliets and i noticed the lens options say Black Iridium w/ Oleo or Ice Iridium w/ Oleo.

What the heck is "Oleo"?
I dont have a confirmed answer, but Just judging by the search results when you type "Oleo" into the search bar on oakley.com (1st: Nanoclear. The rest: Sports or active pairs with the hydrophobic coat standard) I have a feeling that it has something to do with the Hydrophobic coating on the lenses....
Its an Oleophobic coating that repels oils so less likely to show up fingerprints. Smartphone screens have then.
It's the hydrophobic coating. You may want to call and ask if it's a permanent coating though. Although most pages of the Oakley and USSI website still advertise a permanent hydrophobic coating on the 'sport' lenses, they recently stopped applying the coating at the factory, and instead ship some glasses with an utterly useless nanoclear mini pen.
So it's just the Hydrophobic coating? But why would they call it "Hydrophobic" on other models and only use the term "Oleo" on Juliet. I just thought it was strange.
The terms are being used interchangably by the company (some product pages say "Hydrophobic/Oleophobic"). One of course means "water phobic" the other "oil phobic"...same result with the same product (the Hydrophobic coatings and kits).