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  1. TexxxZ

    TexxxZ Big bearded baby

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    So recently i sent my Monster Doggle to our resident Dr as they had flat lined and need to be revived & as i have BNIB lenses (thank you GRFmotorsports) bronze but then i decided that since my glasses where getting a make over maybe a different lens would be nice so the search begins to find a Fire Iriduim or maybe something like a positive red might do both these lenses are available for Jawbone which should work with a little trim . Now trying to be a little smart I bought some USED lenses to try first first attempt i nearly lost an eye when the bit from Dremel popped out and hit me in the forehead 2nd attempt i marked out a set of Alinghi Jawbone lenses bought from the bay and tried to cut them to fit my Straight Jacket as my Doggle are on the wrong side of the pond .

    So today i learned 3 things .

    1st not that easy to cut lenses it a lot harder than you think
    2nd Iridium lense seam to flake more than regular lenses
    And 3rd and more importantly never let an idiot with a hangover use a Dremel

    Anyone any tips for my next attempt
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