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  1. whirrx

    whirrx Oakley Beginner

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    General question.

    When I am selling a pair of Oakley Custom glasses, should I list them as Oakley Custom, MPH, or both? I want to be as honest a seller as possible.

    Also, when buying, do you tend to shy away from Custom or MPH glasses?
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  2. EditReject

    EditReject Oakley Enthusiast

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    If they truly are Custom OCP from Oakley or your own custom design where you mixed and matched lenses, icons, etc. then list them as Custom and explain whey they are custom. MPH is a term from Oakley directly so unless the pair were bought with the MPH tag, do not list them as such.

    I have bought both with no issues whatsoever. There are a lot of MPH models of older discontinued frames on ebay for example that can usually be picked up for decent prices.