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Absolutely badass customs! Looks amazing with both those sets of lenses!
Crikey, those R1s are the best!
Damn doc these are bad as hell!! I missed out on a black chrome r1 from sff. Snooze you lose
#killinit #enoughsaid...
Those look outstanding, congrats on a great collaboration!
What a Christmas for the Doc! Congratulations.
Thanks for the kind words fellas. REALLY happy with these!


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Wanted to post some pics of a couple pairs that were put together recently and to give a shout out to some great forum members.
It started with a R1 XM frame from @THEGROUNDPOUNDER99...
View attachment 687071

I then sent it to @SouLFuLFroG for a wee bit of polishing and some crystal black magic...

View attachment 687075

Then this awesome pair made its way to San Luis Obispo CA for some love from @Chris A Hardaway from a set of plaintiff +reds I had stashed away.

View attachment 687078

A truly phenomenal pair IMO and certainly one of my favs. In fact, I liked it so much I added an XX to it along with some more help from SFF and our resident optical champ. A big thank you to all involved in these. Truly blessed.

View attachment 687079

View attachment 687080

View attachment 687081
Thank you so much for trusting me with your frames. I enjoyed doing both. I always love it when good folks get the results they deserve.

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