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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Razerwire, 9/30/11.

  1. Razerwire


    Decisions, decisions.

    After my experience with the +Red Jawbone (which I returned, unfortunately) I REALLY wanted something with +Red lenses. Unfortunately my choices in frames are only two, the Split Jacket and the Flak Jacket.

    My Split Jacket has a white polished frame and jaws, blue thru bolts, team blue icons and white earsocks.

    My Flak Jacket has grey smoke frame with chrome/black icons and black earsocks.

    I played around with the custom pages and narrowed my choices down to the following:

    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - Flak2.jpg
    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - Flak1.jpg
    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - Split2.jpg
    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - Split1.jpg

    Each one has the option of just a lens change and the second options I'd have to change earsocks.

    And yes, I do realize the whole patriotic theme in the Split Jacket. :D

    Please help me decide or offer advice!


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. the piper

    the piper

    I did +Red XLJ/Grey Smoke with black earsocks and red icon ...

  3. SpliceD


    This one gets my vote, only because i'm getting this one, only in a polished black frame.

    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - Flak2.jpg

    The Split Jackets look too patriotic to me. I would have a hard time figuring out what to wear with that as i don't own anything with stars or stripes on it :smile:

  4. SpliceD


    I'm sure Rob won't mind if i borrow his picture to show you. The Flak Jacket on the far left is very similar to what you posted:

    Custom Split Jacket/Flak Jacket Help - ubw2e.jpg

  5. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    there is a theme???

  6. Oakley_Sight


    Split Jacket DO IT DO IT DO ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Razerwire


    Yeah I really wish I could switch out the chrome icon on my Flak Jacket. :(

    The thing is, I usually wear red, white and blue on accident. Jeans, white shirt and red hat or jeans, red shirt, white hoodie. I actually don't own anything with stars and stripes. LOL

    Yes, the theme is called we need more frame options for +Red. LOL

    Which one? The one red earsocks or white?

  8. bouncing_boy77


    my vote goes for the flaks, they're my favorite frames!

  9. Razerwire


    Red earsocks or no?

  10. SpliceD


    That's fine, but i think if you put on the split jackets with that theme, it'll be overkill.

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