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I have a really nice worn very little pair of XX 24K. I like them but the gold is a little loud, I want a pair plasma XX. Should I have someone customize them or sell them and buy a plasma pair? Looking for options. Thanks

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I had a beater pair with after market lenses, I had them customized. I am not a fan of the gold.

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XX 24K is a collectible as well as a XX Plasma.
I would avoid to customize a XX 24K in a fake XX Plasma.

You can sell it and buy a Plasma with almost the same cash-out to have your 24K customized or restored... or a little more... and you will continue to have a collectible.

If you customize it, in the future you will have almost nothing. Neither a 24K nor a plasma...

I would prefer to customize only low collectibles, better not serialized, frames...

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To each his own, my 24K XX was not serialized, was a beater. I had no use for it other than a shelf whore to look at. So I had it customized, now I will wear it, I don't care about perceived value, if I don't wear it, it means nothing to me. My two cents.


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Customize it, the more and more OEM finish frames are customized the more scarce OEM finish frames are. :spiteful: Your only making it easier for flippers to flip.

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