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  1. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    I have a pair of Ichiro Blue/Text Radar, frames only. Since i just picked up a pristine pair in Japan (and want to keep them pristine), i figured i could customize these and wear them. They're by no means perfect with a few imperfections here and there, but will make a very nice wearable pair.

    Customizing Ichiro Blue/Text frames - Need OF's help :) - 14937949629_50d076c333_b.jpg

    My initial thoughts were to just go buy a black and red earsock kit and a set of Slate Iridium Vented lenses to make an Ichiro clone, but i thought i could change it up a bit with some different color combos i haven't yet thought of.

    So OF family, throw some suggestions out at me!

    The other option i was thinking was to just do the same rubber setup and just do Blue or Fire Iridium.
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  2. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    I think fire on that pair would look good.
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