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For Sale D2 - MPH Unknown Polished Black w/Ruby Clear 03-321

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$110 shipped conus. Comes with box and pouch. Original lenses replaced with Ruby Clear. Not Asian fit. Got these a few weeks ago for $130 but the frames look goofy on my goofy face. Will entertain reasonable offer.

$_57 (1).JPG


$_57 (2).JPG


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Hi I'm looking to buy a pair of these - Is there a try on pic? I'm curious how the fit is different than the asia fit thanks!

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Sorry, F&F is NOT allowed on the Exchange.

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Edited Original Post - For Seller and any potential buyers - Friends and Family on PayPal is against forum rules (and more importantly against PayPal's ToS) for such transactions. Remember you are proceeding at your own risk with any transaction here.

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