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Daily PRIZM lenses or BIP (Black Iridium Polarized) lenses?


Oakley Collector
Hey guys,

I don't have much experience with the DAILY PRIZM lenses. I've tried them out in the store, but was never really been able to try them out in the sun, driving, outdoors, etc. I have recently decided that out of all the new Oakleys out there (aside from the older X-Metals and Square Wire 2.0s) the only ones that fit well on me in formal attire are the Carbon Blades. The Half Jacket 2.0s are nice...but they just feel kinda "cheap". The lenses are nice though, but the frames just don't do it for me. I'll wear them on the beach, playing ball, quick grab and go glasses I guess.

So my question is this. I have the Ferrari version of the Carbon Blade and I really really love them. They weigh close to nothing and are VERY comfortable. I don't even know they are on my face. So...I'm looking to get another pair. I'm going to pick up the ice iridium blue ones at one point or another, but I want my next pair to be a black pair that I can wear with a formal suit. With that said, I was going to get the BIP version, but realized they make a DAILY PRIZM version. And to be honest, I really don't know which of the two to get? I have several other different glasses that have polarized and non polarized black lenses, but none that are Daily PRIZM. I do want the glasses to protect my eyes from the sun and would like for them to be "somewhat" strong. Do they look the same from the outside?

Can anyone help give me some advice on what pair I should be looking at? I wish I could buy one pair, than buy replacment lenses...IMHO, silly Oakley won't let me do that. THOUGHTS???? Any comparison pics?? Thanks fellas.


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Thought I would share this with anyone wondering as I am...I might just very well give the PRIZM version a shot.



Oakley Collector
Well...I think I'm going to pass on the Daily PRIZM....no iridium, my eyes can be seen, and I'd rather have a darker lens. With that said, my search continues. I have seen some on eBay...but I have not seen any really discounted ones that are NIB that are BIP. In different other colors, yes...just not BIP. I've seen red and ice. Still waiting I guess...


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New Jersey, USA
I have one pair of glasses with the DPP and they are great lenses to look through. IMO the clarity is better than a standard lens and everything is just sharper. That being said, you can see your eyes through them. They have a slight iridium coating as was discussed in a thread when they first came out, but the overall tint is lighter so your eyes can be seen. If you do not want your eyes to be seen then go with the BIP. I think the best comparison I can come up with would be the difference between OO red Polar and +Red Polar. The OO red just has a lighter tint allowing the eyes to be seen in certain lights (there are numerous threads on the diff between OO and + Red). The DPP will definitely enhance your vision though especially on overcast days. Just food for thought.


Oakley Enthusiast
I just picked up a daily Prizm M2 and I highly recommend it. It allows your eyeballs to relax with minimal strain, if that makes sense. No other lens has the same fine-tuning effect. Its actually pretty dark and the eyes can't be seen that easily, it looks black from a distance.
I was hesitant about getting it too but I'm glad I did, it is unlike any other polarized lens. But I always carry BIP to swap on for bright light.


Oakley Collector
Thanks for the info...I tried the Prizm lenses on in the store, but couldn't really get a feel for them. I have the ruby polar iridium on the Ferrari Blades, and I really like them. I think I can only get the ruby lenses with the Ferrari frame. Not sure how come the BIP version is so hard to get...I always enjoyed the BIP lenses, so I think I will just stick with those. If I happen to come across a pair of Prizm lenses, I'll be sure to pick them up. I hope Oakley begins to offer replacement lenses for the Carbon Blade....


Oakley Collector
Say I wanted to have custom lenses cut for the Carbon Blade, what donors can I use? I'm hoping there is a lens that all I would need to do is drill holes in them...but I don't think I'm that lucky. I would love to have polarized gold iridium lenses on a Blade!

Jeremy Carn

Oakley Beginner
I borrowed a sample of a badman in prizm when it first came out. Sat on the beach for a week. Didnt go back to black iridium polar.
Daily increase colour, allowing you to better define terrain and have better clarity. Daily has been designed to cover all light conditions whereas a BIP is one of the darkest about. They are clearly 2 different lenses for different applications. I would say you need both. Daily does look pretty sharp, sliver prizm is my go to for everyday


Oakley Collector
I really did like the PRIZM DAILY, but I don't think I liked them more than the BIPs to be honest. I went back today to compare...I'm far from an expert, but I didn't like the fact that my eyes could be seen, not did I like the fact that they were not all that dark. I understand how the lenses are supposed to work, but they felt a little bit on the weak side for me. If Oakley ever does end up selling the lenses alone, I'll pick up a pair...I wonder how they will work as for wearing them all day every day. Not in the office,but be it in the rain, cloudy, driving when a bit dark, etc....at all times when the full strength of BIPs are not needed. Right now, I'd like to know what donor lenses can be used to make lenses for the blade. I'm hoping there are lenses out there that simply require to holes drilled and that's it. I don't think that will be the case...but would like to know. I really would like to get a pair of 24K polar iridium lenses for the Blade...

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