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  1. eldiablojoe

    eldiablojoe Oakley Beginner

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    Earlier this week BAPD77 had a Thread going about damaging his Batwolf lenses by swapping them out.

    I'd like to get more feedback from you guys on this since I just bought my second pair of Oakleys, and I've actually been switching out the lenses a lot more than I thought I ever would- like daily or more. They are Fast Jackets though, so I don't know if that helps lessen the chances of damage due to the (supposed) lesser tension on the lenses and to the frame during swaps?

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  2. SpliceD

    SpliceD B-)

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    The switch lock mechanism is designed for lenses to be swapped with ease. The issues BAPD77 and the rest of us were talking about involve the standard frames.

    You should be fine with your Fast Jackets.