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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Batwolf, 10/11/11.

  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    My auction for my Dalmatian Frogskins just ended on Saturday and right after he won I noticed he was from Malaysia. This upset me a bit but I didn't mention no international shipping so I was at fault there but it took him 2 days to finally respond and ask if I would ship to him. I said ok and added $12 to the invoice for shipping. Next day he still hasn't sent payment but tells me he wants them still. I told him he had 24 hours or they would be going to the next highest bidder. He ended up not responding and I finally gave a second chance offer. People these days, ugh!

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  2. SpliceD


    This is why i steer clear of ebay if i can avoid it. So full of scammers and flakers.

  3. jiveSEVEN


    That sucks dude...not to badmouth Malaysians but I've had too many bad experiences with them. I sold a pair of grenade fades and antifreeze for BELOW retail about a year ago on ebay to a Malaysian fellow. For some reason my tracking only tracked when it left the US. He goes and files 2 chargebacks on me, gets his money back AND keeps my sunglasses.

  4. BriP


    thats crap! SOME PEOPLE..ugh. we should staart a thread and list crappy eBay-ers so others can watchout for them..

  5. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    Ok the original guy came through and sent me payment. Didn't want to but he did anyway. His shipping address is confirmed, what should I do?

    Seems the best way is that I can ship it UPS so that I can track it all the way through?

  6. BriP


    yeah seems like your best bet. Dont want him pulling a chargeback on you, this way you are protected as well as you'll have evidence it is being delivered..

  7. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    that's y i always use DHL for my worldwide deliveries. it's tracking is fantastic, right to the doorstep. it is more expensive, but it's worth it to me, to save the hassle.

  8. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    This has become even more common when ebay removed the ability to leave buyers negative feedback. I have two auctions right now that have ended and i havent received payment or contact in four days, very commonplace. Ive gotten to where i just hate ebay and paypal....they are so geared toward buyers only and the sellers pay all the fees.

  9. Jummeltje

    Jummeltje Premium Member

    At this point i'm already waiting for like a week for some one to pay his nano wire 3.0 :(

  10. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

    To be fair I've sold a lot of Frogskins to Malaysian buyers and I've never had a problem. I always send my items tracked and insured however to protect myself. If his address is confirmed that's great as you'll be covered if you can prove delivery via a tracked delivery service.

    Just to balance the negative Malaysian feelings here. I've had buyers from all countries who bid on an item and never pay, it is so common place it's ridiculous. I've also had two problem buyers who tried to scam me and claim items weren't received (they didn't realise it was tracked and I could prove it was delivered), and both were from the US!

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