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"Dear Oakley, This Is What I Want . . . . "


Steadily Retiring
Durham, UK
Dear Oakley,

Thank you for visiting our forum. We are collectors and regular customers, now over 1000 strong.
And this is what we want . . . .

1) Chrome Iridium and 24k replacement lens options for every sunglass in your range. I guarantee that every member here would be snapping up sets for multiple frames.

2) Blow the dust off the old Romeo 1 moulds, and do another run. Make them Titanium, and loads of lens/ear-sock options. And then sit back, relax, pour a drink perhaps, and watch them absolutely fly off the shelves. (Here's another tip - Don't make them 'Elite', charge the same as the Juliet. Y'know, like you used to.)

3) Fire those of your frame designers who you catch using tracing paper to copy your existing designs and passing them off as their new ideas.

4) Move some of the really innovative Womens Range Design team to join the one poor lonely bloke at Mens Design. This might even out the ratio of Mens-Womens new releases.

5) Move some of the 'Elite' design team back to regular design. We don't all want to pay £500 for O-Matter glasses - no matter how many pieces of metal you screw to them.

6) Remember the Splice sunglass? Mmmmm, nice wasn't it? How does the phrase "Splice 2" sound? Got a good ring to it, hasn't it? I'm not saying anything. Didn't hear it from me. Just planting seeds here . . . .

7) Shaun White likes retro stuff like Frogskins. We get it. Play nicely now, unlock his office, and let him back out into the wild.

8) Things for the UK. More Vault stores, more Custom frame options (to match USA), and errrrm what suddenly happened to our Training Shoes and Boots shipments? Are we supposed to only wear Sandals for the rest of our lives?

9) Purely selfish here - gimme a gold FMJ Hijinx with 24k.

10) My fellow forum colleagues may have some other suggestions . . . . . . .

Kind regards,
Your loyal servant,
make every lens color available for every frame
not just chrome and 24k. i want +red for all frames!
Some frames for smaller fits...they just told me Half jackets will be totally deleted next year even from OCP,,,they need a Minute 3 , Unknown 2 or something for those of us who can't wear the larger frames ..maybe a Pit Bull S...