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Death in the family


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Kent, England
So sorry for your loss, especially around this time of year. I lost my Mum, three years ago, I well up as I write this, as memories of the last time I saw her smile, come flooding back. It's disorientating, life will seem dulled as you work things out, both in your head and then your heart. It will take time, be patient with others and yourself. Take care and when you're feeling blue, just picture their smile,......it's the best you can do.

The Proprietary Molecule

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@Brian D

My condolences brother. Remember and cherish everything about your dad. He lives on in those thoughts, as well as your life.

I lost my dad to COVID on January 8th and I delivered his eulogy at our memorial service for him on April 23rd. It was a very emotional and exhausting service. We were extremely tight.

I totally echo your sentiments of spending as much time as possible together with those who truly matter on your life. Make sure to tell your family and friends you love them and what they mean to you, so no one ever has to wonder about that.

I'm fortunate in having saved voicemails from my Dad, wishing me happy birthday and just being silly, playing jokes with me, as well as pictures.

Wishing you and your family healing and comfort.