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Deep and Shallow Water Prizm - May 1st Release

Oakley for life

I should Work at Oakley
Just found out that on May 1st they will be releasing the deep water(pictured below) and a shallow water prizm, which will bring out more the greens and browns from the water!! From what I heard, they will probably sell out real quick!!

deep water prizm.PNG
Hope they come in Radarlock Path...

This is what I got for what they will be releasing on May 1st.

KVD Flak Jacket XL Pol Blk w/ Prizm Shallow H20 Pol $270
FlakJacket XLJ Pol Black w/ Prizm Deep H20 Pol $240
Radar Pitch Pol Blk w/ Prizm Deep H20 Pol $290
KVD Batwolf Pol Blck w/Prizm Shallow H20 Pol $260
Valve Pol Blk w/Prizm Deep H20 Pol $230
Turbine Pol Blk w/Prizm Shallow H20 Pol $230
Turbine Pol Blck w/Prizm Deep H20 Pol $230

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