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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by del518, 9/23/11.

  1. del518


    I want to be one of the cool kids and get my own collection thread going. Here it goes.......camera work is not my strong suit. The pics don't pick up the lens colors very well.

    Del518's Collection - DSC03027.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03026.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03025.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03024.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03022.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03021.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03020.jpg
    Del518's Collection - DSC03019.jpg

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  2. del518


  3. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    welcome to the cool kids!
    like your Antix - you got some other models too. . .
    DAMN COOL KID :cool:

  4. yoshi1984


    your sebastian loeb antix are awesome, and love the devil's brigade antix.

  5. del518


    The Devil's Brigade I picked up at a Vault over the summer for $169 and the Sebastian Loeb frames I got off Flea Bay and put in a Fire Iridium lens. My MOTOGP Fuel Cell arrived today! I will have to upload a pic tomorrow.

  6. double

    double Premium Member

    Looking good Del!! Great collection!

  7. S-works


    nice collection u got there...

  8. Hed568


    Very nice collection man! Thanks for sharing

  9. del518


    My MotoGP Fuel Cell
    Del518's Collection - 2011-09-24184258.jpg
    Tribal Monster Dog...
    Del518's Collection - 2011-12-01172739.jpg

    Del518's Collection - 2011-12-03174607.jpg

    Del518's Collection - 2011-12-03174753.jpg

    Del518's Collection - 2011-12-03174933.jpg

  10. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    you are rocking the MotoGP Fuel Cell today. . .

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