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Devi's Brigade Antix


I love working Dispatch
Thank you so much to 'BADNESS' for selling his Devil's Brigade Antix to me!
these are sick glasses. I love that artwork, especially the pin, nicest pin from oakley.

One of the best artworks on an Oakley sunglass - without doubt.

I wish wish WISH they'd done this design on a Hijinx.
it would have made perfect sense, they did that with the Fuente antix/hijinx, it would have been nice if they did the hijinx instead of a sideways.
love the art work... i'd pick up a pair anytime just for the graphics, unfortunately, i can't pull off shield lenses...

and you guys are right... they should've made a hijinx version!! :angry:
i know Herbs thinks SOME people (hopefully not me in particular) like to think they can wear shield lenses when they really can't,,,but i wear 'em regardless. im not about to buy and wear a bunch of oil rigs now but i feel the Antix is pretty user friendly in terms of a shield lens frame.

Yes Oakley went all out and did some wicked artwork on this pair.