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Difference Between Jet Black And Polished Black Frames?


Oakley Beginner
is there a difference between jet black frames and polished black frames? i'm thinking about getting some monster pups. but i'm afraid of getting polished black. i ordered a pair of jet black half jackets a while back, and the finger prints and smudges they showed were ridiculous. so i sent them back and customized a pair to get a matte black frame. the matte black is much better as far as smudges and prints are concerned. the monster pups aren't offered in jet black, but offered in polished black. is there a difference? smudges and finger prints are my main concern with the finish. and since i already have a pair of matte black half jackets, i would like to change it up and get polished. but not at the expense of having to wipe them down every few minutes.
In my experience Polished is just that....polished...very very smooth and reflective. Jet Black is a straight dark black (unlike matte black) but without the high polish and gloss of polished black. And for the record I've owned quite a few polished black models and the fingerprinting isn't that huge of a deal to me and I'm pretty picky