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  1. steveocubed

    steveocubed Oakley Enthusiast

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    Is there a difference between the radar soft vault and radarlock soft vault or are they exactly the same?
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  2. djhyper66

    djhyper66 Oakley Expert

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    The radar/radarlock and m-frame all work the same and are the same, some just have more spaces to hold extra lens. Some just hold one pair glasses, some hold one extra lens ,some hold 2 extra lens and extra spot to put noise piece.
  3. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    bit OT, but am I the only who finds the Soft Vault not being perfectly friendly to the Radarlock? It seems to apply outward pressure to the Switchlock mech when I place the pair in with a lens installed - as if it's trying to widen up the lens.