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  1. mcflyer

    mcflyer Oakley Beginner

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    Are there differences in the frames? or is it just the nosebomb? The lenses they use are exactly the same, so I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows if there is a difference or not.
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  2. RetinaBurn

    RetinaBurn Oakley Enthusiast

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    Yes, there is a difference between the Asian fit and standard Radars. I think there is a thread comparing a Ichiro and regular Radar, with a picture.
  3. echav23

    echav23 Oakley Enthusiast

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    The asian fit radar frame is a bit wider than the standard radar frame...I believe the lens is the same for both frames though. I've never seen an asian fit lens, so I'm guessing any radar lens can be used with either frame...asian fit or not.