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Different CF frames on Carbon Blade models?


Oakley Expert
I'm looking at the website, and all the Carbon Blades say the finish is "Carbon Fiber". But the carbon fiber finish looks different on some models than some of the others. For example, on the black OO9174-03 model that has the BIP lens, the box says it has a "MATTE" carbon finish. It also says it has a matte finish on the box. Where as other models like the OO red model OO9174-02 say that it has a POLISHED carbon frame on the box. However, on the website....all the finishes are described as "carbon fiber finish"...they don't specify if it has a polished or a matte finish. The Ferrari frame has a polished glossy finish, but the frame with the BIP lenses (OO9174-03) has more of a matte finish. The only way to tell is if you see the box or the actual frames themselves. The website does not tell you if the frame is polished or matte. I was really hoping to get a polished black frame with BIP lenses...but it looks like if I want an all black frame, I will have to get it in a matte finish. Besides, all the polished ones have accents of color....the OO red has some red on the sides, the ice has some blue, the Ferrari has more red. The polarized gray (that is no longer on the website) also comes with a matte finish. Wish I could buy the OO red frames that are polished and get the BIP lenses put on those. Nope. Why can't the website be more accurate?
Yep...O review does indeed. O Review tells the difference, and the Oakley homepage doesn't say anything. According to O Review, BIP lenses only come with a matte frame. The ice & BIP come in matte, the OO red however comes polished. Looks like I may end up getting a few pairs and put together what I like how I want them. Thanks for the heads up.