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Please do not "OUT" anyone else publicly here without their permission or disclose your contacts/cutters. Some people wish to remain private because even though they can't do anything about it, Dillon have made it very clear (from the very top of their organisation) that they do not want their lenses being used in Oakleys.

Information About Dillon Lenses
What they look like on someone...
What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today??

@htrap2294's superb 3 minute long review....
Dillons Lens Review

Go 2/3 the way down...
Donor Lens Guide 2018 - Quick Reference Guide (cacatman)

What lenses can be cut from Dillons...
List of Frame and Lens Dimensions & Size

Bring a packed lunch...
Oakley and Dillon Collaboration

If you like matte lenses, you might be interested in checking out an alternative here...
Mariener Lens Info/Owners Page (cacatman)

Dillon Lens Owner #:-
  1. @sybiria
  2. @Litos
  3. @dh4645
  4. @DeepWaterVortex
  5. @Aggie07
  6. @Amanoramonkey
  7. @Da veracity
  8. @Jaytypes
  9. @donkeanu
  10. @cacatman
  11. @YakuzaFloralGangsta
  12. @kevonai
  13. @NuttyOAK13Y
  14. @Reese's Pieces
  15. @Cutch22
  16. @Oak Heel
  17. @Oaks Between the Hedges
  18. @lacampbell2005
  19. @htrap2294
  20. @Xformr
  21. @Tidezealot
  22. @BigRabbit
  23. @Jon the Don
  24. @Jontoad
  25. @The Dark Gnat
  26. @Linegear Japan
  27. @SoulFulFrog
  28. @Serhat
  29. @pjd1234
  30. @Wicked
  32. @Titan X
  33. @TheDukeOfIce

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