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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by GavinL, 3/4/16.

  1. GavinL


    A question for people with long memories.

    I just picked up a pair of Dark Metallic Red Radars with positive red lens, possibly 06-672.

    I understand that this model was released in 2007 and promptly recalled due to problems with the case chipping the lenses.

    The pair I have picked up are in reasonable condition for their age, just the usual wear and tear and slimey worn earsocks.

    Unfortunately there's no model number on the frame but the case is not one I have ever seen supplied with Radars so I'm not sure what I have.

    Any thoughts or any other Red/Red Radar owners out there?


    Discontinued Red Radar/Positive Red lens - IMG_20160304_174055.jpg

    Discontinued Red Radar/Positive Red lens - IMG_20160304_174317.jpg
    Last edited: 3/4/16

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  2. byrdmanjd


    Same case as my half jacket/golfs

  3. Ventruck


    The case did change up for the Radarlock. The back portion is more minimal to impose less stress on the primary lenses. Really nice looking pair, just clean up the stems and replace the earsocks+nosepads, because the thought of that is kinda gross.

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