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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by curlyjive, 8/9/11.

  1. curlyjive


    I just received a pair of Oakley Straight Jackets (model 24-124) that I purchased from Amazon.com (not form their marketplace, but actually from Amazon).
    I have a question about the lenses and also a concern that they are in fact real Oakley's.

    The same model of these I saw at the stores had a small blue sticker on the lens, indicating the Hydrophobic coating that is advertised on the product page on the Oakley website. My pair had no sticker or any indication that the coating is a feature. Instead, there is a Nano-Clear Hydrophobic Pen, which seems odd if the coating is already on the lenses. Do my lenses have the Hydrophobic coating, or is something wrong?

    Also odd was the cleaning bag looked different to me than others I have seen. It hasa white drawstring, instead of black. Also, the oakley tag is not at the botton of the bag, but along the side near the opening, It is a smaller tag with the "0" on one side and "HDO Oakley High Definition Optics. Bag Made in Cambodia" on the other side. There is also no Oakley name across the nose...not sure if that is something they changed.

    All the documentation seems to be included and the box seems correct, though it was not sealed shut.

    The exact model # on the box is 24-124-D032655.

    There is also a date of 67-756 3/29/11 rev.B

    What is the deal with the Hydrophobic Lenses and are these real Oakleys?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. music_man185


    oakley is putting an end to hydrophobic lenses. in the past month, i've purchased a set of livestrong straight jackets and a pair of flak jackets straight from oakley's website. both of which would normally come with hydrophobic lenses. neither of these came with a sticker, and instead, came with a small sample of nano clear hydrophobic solution. so sadly, no. your straight jackets do not have hydrophobic lenses.

    the white drawstring is just a sign that its a large microbag instead of the normal size. all large bags have white drawstrings, whereas the smaller ones have the black drawstring.

  3. curlyjive


    So basically they are falsely advertising the coating on their website? Why the change? I have emailed them as well and am hoping for some kind of answer.

    It would seem I have a newer build....perhaps the rev.B?

  4. music_man185


  5. SpliceD


    Oakley no longer puts the coating on the lenses. You now get the pen/applicator and you put it on as needed. I forgot what the reason was for switching to the pen.

  6. music_man185


    "supposedly", what i've read, is because the hydrophobic coating on the lenses takes too long and is too expensive. its cheaper and easier to just give samples of the pen away. and therefore, you must buy the nanoclear pen from them if you want hydrophobic lenses.

  7. curlyjive


    Costs seems like a real possibility. But how can Oakley get away with advertising something and selling you something else. That's flat out flat false advertising and for those prices it's just wrong.

  8. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Ton of confusion about this still. I was just in an O Store where multiple employees stated the active and sport lines would still have the coating pre applied and stated that's why the replacement lenses for say a Batwolf are less than for a Juliet

  9. curlyjive


    Also, the NanoClear stains my matte frames. Got a little bit on while applying. What a rip-off! Thing is, if you go to a store, you may get the older version with the bonded coating. So to add to the confusion, there are really 2 different versions of certain glasses out there.

  10. The Game

    The Game

    youre supposed to take the lenses out of the frame before applying the pen

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