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Do you baby your X-Metals?

Old Klunker

Oakley Beginner
Hey folks I'm new here : )

I don't know if I will be chastised or praised. These were so valuable to me when first purchased as a replacement to some lost Julietes that I could not bring myself to immediately start using them. I always said I will wear them at the right time. These have only seen the light of day a few times in 20 years or so.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Beginner
I wear my Juliets every single day since they were new.... but just got some Romeos today!.... Went to the grocery store today on a cloudy day and it was literally the first time I have locked my truck in like 10 years because both were in the truck!! To hell with the laptop that was in the back seat!!!

Screenshot 2022-09-09 173455.jpg


"Oakley Expert"
Ever see people doing this?
View attachment 981230

Or even this?
View attachment 981231

Ever since getting my Juliets newly refinished, I don't dare do this at all. I've been sorta babying these since I got them back. I risk it with my Crosshair frames, but not on X-Metals.

So, if I don't have my Fatboy with me, or have my soft vault on hand, they stay on my face no matter what. What about you guys/gals? They're supposed to be virtually indestructible. But I treat them like they're made of glass. 😬😀😎
Live a little, bro; they're the strongest frames you can own, and easiest to maintain.



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