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  1. lawman0210

    lawman0210 Oakley Collector

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    When I rekeyed my oakley case I bent the elbows on the locking tab so that it was tight against the frame. It help keeps the plexi panel flush with the exterior of the frame and helps keep it from rattling. I just noticed that the frame actually has a groove where the locking tab (if kept straight) but allows the door to move and stick out a bit. So do you use the grove or push the door flush and allow it to look on the inside portion of the frame?
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  2. RonkPM

    RonkPM Oakley Enthusiast

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    My new double wide has the grooves that the tab locks into. My other single wide has no grooves and uses the aluminum block that the door stops against as the place where the tabs locks behind if that helps.
  3. Wavecloud

    Wavecloud Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    No and never have ..
  4. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I drilled a hole horizontally where the latch swings down and ran a screw in there sideways- that way the door can't push in because the screw prevents it and won't swing out because the groove catches it.
    It used to not swing out when locked but would swing in about 4 inches.
  5. Beancooker

    Beancooker Oakley Enthusiast

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    My case has a little aluminum nub screwed into the floor that keeps the door from swinging in. I did the same as you and bent the catch to the door sits flush, but I also used the long straight catch, so when it was bent it has a lot more coverage and provides extra security. I figure if someone actually makes it in the house, and to the case, they will just smash the plexiglass out and I'll be screwed. But I might as well make it as hard as possible. I don't use the groove.
  6. THEBAD1

    THEBAD1 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Like RonkPM,

    My double wide case has the grooves that the tab locks into.