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Does anyone have a lead on getting prescription lenses for Juliets cut in Canada?


Oakley Beginner
Finally made the decision to start hunting for a pair of Juliets (over Pennys, tough choice!) and while I begin my search for said pair, I was wondering if any fellow Canucks might have some info on where to get prescription lenses cut. While I think I'd be able to send them to FUSE/Revant and get them shipped to Point Roberts or Blaine as a last resort (they don't ship RX lenses to Canada), it wouldn't hurt to see if there are local options out there!
Oh yeah, @Chris A Hardaway still does Rx :)


You know, generally I don't, but Mild RXs are safe to do online. Higher RXs I always recommend doing in person!
Agreed, which is a another reason why I'm trying to find local... ish help :p That said, FUSE seems quite confident that my script wouldn't be an issue, so if worse comes to worse I can go the cross-border mail forwarding route to get them prescription Juliets!
Figured I'd update for any fellow Canucks that come across this in the future; as it turns out, FUSE seems more than happy to ship internationally assuming you're willing to handle the risk (shoot them an e-mail first), and their Nova Mirror RX lenses are fantastic. I know that OEM would have probably been the better option, but finding someone local that could RX those into a Juliet turned out to unfortunately be a bridge too far.

Optically they're spot on IMO; I've heard the majority of FUSE cuts use base 6 instead of base 8, but I'm not sure if that applies to custom work for prescription lenses. Either way, I've definitely got no issues looking through them and the color's gorgeous as all get out, if not quite as deep as the darkest Rubies I've seen in person. I'm guessing they must differ somewhat from the original Blaze Mirror that FUSE carried, but having never seen those up close I can't comment :p