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Does Oakley NanoClear Coating Work?


Oakley Beginner
Hi again folks,

After using search function I came up with a few threads that really didn't answer my question (could have been the way I phrased it) all I came up with was lens nanoclear kit was now sold and they didn't coat at factory.

I have the cleaning kit but notice the lens at the end of a full beach day has lots of dust attracted to it. Having spent 19 plus years in the glass industry when I got out of high school I am very familiar with static any polycarbonate or plexi glass product attracts. No matter who the manufacturer of the poly is.

My question was more along the lines if users felt that the nanoclear worked. I did find comments it hazes when one puts too much product on which seems plausible. Like synthetic wax on a good paint job also does.

1- do you that actually have it feel it works in keeping dust attraction down?
2- in the cleaning thread I saw most apply on both sides and have no issues with it if they keep lenses in frames during application as it isn't detrimental to frames true?.
3- safe to assume one cleans lenses with cleaning kit prior to application?
4- how often do you all use it? Oakley claims it has 50 applications per bottle none of that matters to me I just want to make sure it works and has that same cloth that comes with cleaning kit?

Thank you in advance for your patience with a new user and all your helpful answers. No one better to ask for true and correct info than those that actually use a product...BTW have been buying Oakley flip flops for years at the Fort Lauderdale outlet at Sawgrass Mills. They were first ones I saw that actually were somewhat molded to shape of ones foot with arch and had a semi hard bottom that didn't wear down like soft rubber. I must have a dozen pairs in all colors but they surely are less expensive than glasses :)

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Doug Chubb

Oakley Beginner
I've never had a huge problem with my oakley lenses attracting much dust.
Nanoclear is not detrimental to frames.
you should always clean your oakleys before applying nanoclear.
How often I apply it depends on how often I wear a certain pair. If I wear them daily I normally apply it once a week or so.

hope I've helped.


Oakley Beginner

Thank you for such a quick response

Yes you helped and in a big way

****don't know if many register their purchases but I did with my Holbrooks which also came with postcard even though I did it online... just tried with my RadarLocks and the 2 lens and for whatever reason page wouldn't work using desktop and IE10 maybe cause they are closed I'll try Monday when they are open and see if it makes a difference. If not maybe I will luck out and get free nanoclear for my troubles. If not I am ordering it as the positives outweigh any negative comments by large amount everywhere I have looked.

Again many thanks

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