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  1. ShadedChimera

    ShadedChimera Oakley Beginner

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    I need new lenses for my Eyepatch 1. The coating or something is starting to flake off so vision is a bit obstructed.

    The thing is that my pair is an Asian Fit. I've asked the Oakley store in Korea whether they carry replacement lenses, and was quoted $99 for non-polarized iriduim and $199 for polarized. I then searched on the U.S. based Oakley Vault and noticed lenses being sold for a fraction of that! Even with expedited shipping, I wouldn't pay anywhere near $60 altogether. Even third party seller Revant Optics sells lenses for something like $30 before shipping.

    I have a friend living in the US who can help me pick up some lenses and ship them over to Korea. However, my question is, will they work even though my pair is Asian Fit?
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