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  1. del518

    del518 I have a few pair.....

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    Our youngest dog had her yearly check up today and she had two shots. About 2 hours later she started ithcing her face and she turned into this. .

    Dog Had An Allergic Reaction Today.... - 21.jpg

    Her face is all swollen. My wife took her back to the vet where she was given a shot of Benadryll.

    This is what she normally looks like.
    Dog Had An Allergic Reaction Today.... - 2011-12-18072303.jpg

    She should be alright as this happened to one of our other dogs a couple of years ago!
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  2. chrisbron

    chrisbron Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm glad the allergic reaction was caught at the right time before things got worse!

    My mum's dog is having a hip operation (she's less than a year) due to a malformed hip...