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  1. GoldenGatePeepers


    i couldn't find any threads on this anywhere so thought I would pass the message along.

    Oakley Employee dog tag For Sale threads are prohibited on the forum.

    This is apparently the 1 item Oakley doesn't want sold within the community. To save anyone else the hassle of creating a thread and having it deleted I'm sharing the information I was provided.

    Looks like if you have one you don't want, eBay is one of your options :(

    Sucks but understandable

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  2. Lexkempo


    Maybe I'm misreading/misunderstanding this ...

    I highly doubt the OF would support and uphold such rule

    Or else we'll have to start returning all those stands and cases we all have :p

    Are you saying that there is an Oakley Company Policy that prohibits the sale of Employee dog tags at any time or place?
    GoldenGatePeepers likes this.

  3. GoldenGatePeepers


    I'm saying this item is definitely prohibited. These were not produced to be sold and are the property of Oakley. The few on the market regardless of how many hands they went through were originally stolen.

    I completely agree with you though, all of our display accessories,pop, cases, etc... Are all alike as to how they originally left Oakleys hands (for the most part)

    And this rule is being upheld, threads will be deleted and the creator of the thread will get a non threatening pm as to why.

  4. Lexkempo


    Is this OF policy? If so, it's a slippery slope ... May as well ban all case threads, metal stands, glorifiers, prototypes ...

    @OakleyBoss ?
    Oakley for life likes this.

  5. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    This only applies to Dog tags, and only because we have seen Oakley contact members attempting to buy/sell/trade these, specifically looking at how they acquired them. Have never seen this for cases, metal stands etc. as many of these are from out of business stores/surplus.

    Just trying to protect members and the site.

  6. GoldenGatePeepers


    Keep in mind Oakley is not contacting members and mods over those items... Just this one.

    Regardless how we feel about it, OF requests this and we just have to respect it and know that's members best interest and protection is in mind.

  7. Lexkempo


    This is the first I've read of this prohibition...

    While I disagree with this new Policy out of of principle, should we sticky this to warn all members ?
    cacatman and GoldenGatePeepers like this.

  8. GoldenGatePeepers


    I wasn't trying to stir the pot FYI
    Just make sure others are aware of the new policy :)

  9. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    Don't think it's necessary to sticky, but will update the existing rules to include it as well. Thanks!

  10. Lexkempo


    Understood, but it's a sudden rule change and most older members don't re-read the rules every few weeks ... Maybe a FYI PM for everybody? Like the G&S policy?
    OakleyBoss likes this.

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