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  1. DrtyHarry

    DrtyHarry Oakley Collector

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    Over the past 2 years or so, I have been collecting a large amount of donor lenses so that I can have them custom cut to fit only the Penny and Juliet....these are the only 2 X-Metal glasses I wear.

    I have been buying polarized Big Taco replacement kits every chance I found. I think I must have wiped out at least 3 stores.

    However, I was advised that since I am only looking to have lenses made for the Penny and Juliet....I would be better off selling my Big Tacos and purchasing Half Jacket 2.0 XLs. A lot of my friends have asked me for my BT lenses so that they can be used for their R1s and R2s and other XMs with large lenses.

    Some of my friends have told me I could probably get 2 HJ 2.0 lenses for one BT. If that's the case, I'll throw my BT lenses up for sale/trade....and it will cost me half as much to have my custom cut lenses made.

    I'm curious though, where would the best place be to get them? Oakley now has all lenses at full price. Is there an event or a F&F promo coming around soon? I'd like to get between 4-6 lenses, and would rather not have to pay the full $100 price tag. I remember there was a site that had them for about $20 cheaper...I just don't remember where.

    If there is a sale or a promotion coming up sometime soon....can someone please let me know? I would very much appreciate it. THANKS!!

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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